Oceanway School of Dance & Performing Arts

With a true love for dancing, the arts and education Oceanway School of Dance and Performing Arts promotes professional training, strong technique, self-confidence, and an ever growing appreciation for dance and the fine arts. Students of Oceanway School of Dance and Performing Arts are taught in a fun and loving learning environment to guarantee the above areas of growth. 

Oceanway School of Dance is doing all it can to help STOP the spread of Covid.

Class sizes will not exceed 12-14 dancers!

See Covid protocol page for more steps we are taking to help stop the spread.


Go to the Customer Portal Page on the website to register today!


Sign up in person Saturday August 22 from 10:00-1:00

The above poster was from an event called Shine A Light. The OC Dance Company dancers helped raise over $4000.00 for the victims of human trafficking.

Near Hungry Howies and All Star Karate